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new Situs 3.0. We are preparing a new release that will include the DDforge tool for flexible refinement against medium resolution maps. The new release will be in support of the paper "Accurate Flexible Refinement of Atomic Models Against Medium-Resolution Cryo-EM Maps Using Damped Dynamics" by Kovacs, Galkin, and Wriggers (BMC Structural Biology, 2018, In press). To obtain a pre-release of the software please contact situs >>at<< biomachina.org.

Situs 2.8
. The popular colores tool was ported to FFTW 3.3.4 making it about 2x faster, whereas the classic vector quantization tools quanpdb and quanvol were converted to dynamic memory allocation for computation of larger coarse-grained point clouds. In addition, to accompany our new paper on map and model assessment (Wriggers and He, 2015), you can also download a modified version of Situs that describes how the geometric feature tracking was computed.

Situs 2.7
introduced the voltrac utility for detecting filamentous densities (such as alpha-helices and actin filaments)  (Rusu and Wriggers, 2012, Rusu et al., 2012). We also included the new volfltr utility for denoising 3D maps and 2D image stacks (Starosolski et al., 2012) using a digital paths filtering approach. 

Situs 2.6 introduced:

Situs is an award-winning program package for the modeling of atomic resolution structures into low-resolution density maps e.g. from electron microscopy, tomography, or small angle X-ray scatteringSitus is an SBGrid supported application.

The software is copyrighted, (c) 1998-2018 under the terms of the legal statement in the distribution . Please send any inquiries, bug reports, etc. to situs >>at<< biomachina.org.

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