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new Review article:

A new review article (Wriggers, 2012) describes many of the Situs conventions (such as correlation, resolution, map formats) and scripting enabled work flows.

new Situs 2.7:

We present the new voltrac utility detecting filamentous densities (such as alpha-helices and actin filaments) in intermediate resolution maps from EM and tomography (Rusu and Wriggers, 2012, Rusu et al., 2012). We also include a new volfltr utility for denoising 3D maps and 2D image stacks (Starosolski et al., 2012) using a digital paths filtering approach. The tools are described in the user guide. Tutorials will follow.

Situs 2.6 features announced earlier:

Situs is an award-winning program package for the modeling of atomic resolution structures into low-resolution density maps e.g. from electron microscopy, tomography, or small angle X-ray scattering.

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