Situs Flavors
The Situs package includes the distribution of Situs Flavors, ie. user modified and enhanced codes for a variety of purposes that are derived at least in part from earlier versions of Situs. These program packages come with their own documentation and licences (if applicable) and are provided "as is" without any specific support from the biomachina team. The available Flavors include:

  • FilaSitus, by Willy Wriggers, for the creation and visualization of helical filament lattices of atomic and volumetric data.

  • Situs 1.4, by Willy Wriggers, including the classic helical fitting tool "qhlx" and the corresponding helical fitting tutorial (for those who prefer vector quantized helical fitting inspired by the 1998 paper).


  • Fast-Rotational Matching Codes for Alignment of 3D Objects, by Julio Kovacs. This distribution includes tools for surface matching of sphere-like objects as well as our advanced 6D search program that FFT-accelerates 5 of 6 rigid-body degrees of freedom using spherical harmonics and rotation group theory.

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