Download and Installation*

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The latest Situs source code including the FFTW library can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD (extract files with "gunzip" and "tar xvf"). 

Here is a list of UNIX shell commands that compile the executables using the provided Makefile and the GNU gcc / g++ compilers. Note that "make clean" is required to copy the executables to the bin directory:

gunzip Situs_2.8.tar.gz
tar xvf Situs_2.8.tar
cd Situs_2.8/src
make install
make clean
cd ..
ls bin

The Situs_2.8 directory contains the legal statement (text file) and the subdirectories src (source code) and bin (executables). To remove the executables enter:

cd src
make veryclean

Notes: If you get a compiler error, check first that you are using a newer version of the gcc compilers (e.g. the old version 4.2 which is still distributed with Mac OS X had a bug, we recommend to use gcc 4.3 or newer). If you get g++ compilation errors with your compiler try to add -fpermissive to the XFLAGS  in the Makefile. It is also possible that your system does not support the OPENMP library (used in the Makefile), if so please comment out the corresponding two lines in the Makefile (but then you get some tools in serial mode only). The install was tested on 32 bit and 64 bit architectures under Linux, MacOS X, and Windows (cygwin shell and DOS shell with Mingw).  We cannot guarantee every possible system. If you have problems please report any issues regarding porting to us and we try to help you.

After installing:
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